About Us

FOUNDED ON THE principles of Quality

E.F. Laudenslager, Inc, was founded in 1894 by Charles J. Laudenslager, Sr. The business operated under the name C.J. Laudenslager and was located in Guthsville, PA. Its main focus was plumbing, heating and roofing.

A few years prior to Charles J. Laudenslager, Sr’s death in 1943, Charles J. Laudenslager, Jr. took over the business and moved it to Orefield, PA. The business was now known as C.J. Laudenslager, Jr.

In 1955, Elwood, son of Charles, partnered with his father and added home fuel oil deliveries to the business. The name was changed to C. J. Laudenslager and Son.

In 1965 the business was taken over by Elwood under the name of E. F. Laudenslager, concentrating on heating, air conditioning, and fuel oil delivery. The Plumbing end of the business was sold off in 1967. In 1972 Elwood’s son, Stephen, became actively involved in the business. In 1981 the business was incorporated and the name was changed to E. F. Laudenslager, Inc.

In 1994, Stephen was elected the corporate president of E. F. Laudenslager, Inc. With technology advancements and the desire for higher efficiency systems due to the rising costs of energy, it was during these times where E. F. Laudenslager began to focus on energy savings and efficiency. Stephen started to offer propane fuel delivery service in place of oil, and in 2007, the oil fuel delivery service was sold. The propane delivery service has since been a major part of the company’s current success. In 2011, long time employees, Joseph Natale and Mike George, agreed to take over the business and currently own and operate E. F. Laudenslager, Inc.

In 2016 E.F. Laudenslager, Inc. added a 60,000 gallon propane storage facility near Kutztown, PA.

Our office is open Monday through Friday – 8am to 4:30pm.