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We've Got Gas - Propane: The Versatile Fuel

Propane Solutions - From hot water to heating your home or pool, to powering your range for cooking or your hearth and bar-b-que, propane can be your go-to fuel. At E.F. Laudenslager, Inc., we provide propane for all your residential and business energy needs — and we personalize our services to meet your unique needs.

Whether you need a 100-pound tank to a 1,000-gallong tank, we have you covered. And the same goes for above ground and underground tank installations. Our certified installers handle the entire installation.

We offer automatic or will-call propane deliveries to ensure you receive your fuel when you need it – and on the schedule that is most convenient for you. It you are a will-call customer (meaning you are not on an automatic delivery schedule), we recommend you contact us for a delivery when your propane tank has approximately 25% remaining. Doing this helps ensure we get your next delivery of propane out to you in plenty of time.

At E.F. Laudenslager, Inc., we pride ourselves on always providing prompt service so our customers have what they need, when they need it.

Our propane services.

We offer delivery plans to fit our residential and commercial customers’ energy needs, such as:

Residential Customers
  • Automatic delivery / prepay / budget
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Highly trained personnel
  • Radio dispatching for faster service
  • Tank lease and purchase options
Commercial Customers
  • Special industrial / agricultural High-volume pricing
  • Deliveries When You Need Them

Save on Oil and Electric - Switch to Propane

Stop Sending Your Energy Dollars to the Middle East.
Propane is a North American Energy Product.

Propane Fact: According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it can cost consumers twice as much to operate their range, water heater, dryer or furnace if they use electricity instead of propane.

Advantages of Switching to Propane:

  • Propane Equipment is up to 97% Efficient
  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • Propane is a North America Product
  • Clean Burning/Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Versatile/Heating, Hot Water Making, Cooking, Fireplaces/Stoves and Much More
  • Environmentally Friendly. Recognized as one of a few clean burning fuels in the 1990 clean air act

Call E. F. Laudenslager For Complete Service

We'll convert your entire oil or electric system - from start to finish - to clean burning, efficient propane. Our certified staff have the experience necessary to convert your entire system, from start to finish. Plus, we provide free estimates to help you start saving today.

When it comes to propane, we literally do it all. We provide propane tank installations from 100 pound tanks to 1,000 gallon tanks. Plus above ground and underground tank installations. Our certified installers do the entire installation. Find out more about the advantages of switching to propane, or call us now for a free estimate.

Propane Solutions EF Laudenslager

We offer a variety of special propane pricing and payment programs:

Participation in these programs requires automatic delivery

  • Budget Program - Designed to take the surprise out of home energy costs, our Budget Program spreads propane payments equally across 11 months of the year, so you can make regular monthly payments.  With the Budget Program, you know what to expect each month instead of sporadically receiving large invoices. The Budget Program begins in August.
  • Cap Program - Offered during the heating season of October 1 through April 30, the Cap Program allows you to pay a fee to reserve the number of gallons of propane you will use during the season. During that delivery period, customers participating in the Cap Program are charged the lesser of the market price on the day of delivery – or a predetermined capped price. The program is offered throughout July and August, and is open to all customers including those participating in the Budget Program.
  • Prebuy Program - Similar to the Cap Program, our Prebuy Program is also offered during the heating season of October 1 through April 30. It allows customers to reserve the number of gallons of propane they will need for the season. However, unlike the Cap Program, customers participating in our Prebuy Program pay for all of their propane before the season begins. All deliveries made during the heating season are charged against the prepaid amount. If your propane needs exceed the amount you prepaid, any propane delivered after that is then charged at the market price the day of the delivery. The Prebuy Program is offered in July and August.

If you are interested in participating in one of our special propane pricing and payment programs but are unsure which is the best fit for your needs, or if you are not sure how to estimate your seasonal propane needs – give us a call. We can answer all your questions, provide information regarding current pricing, and assist you in signing up for any of these programs. We can also place you on our mailing list.

Save more by owning your propane tank.

Did you know that owning your own propane tank can be even more cost effective? At E.F. Laudenslager, Inc., we are always looking for ways to help you save on your home energy costs. Whether you need a new 100-pound tank or a 1,000-gallon tank – or any size tank in between – we can sell and install the appropriate above ground or underground propane tank for your home. We can advise you regarding the correct size and style tank for your energy needs. Give us a call to learn more about installation details and pricing.

With E.F. Laudenslager, Inc., owning your propane tank means:

  • No annual leasing fees. Say goodbye to annual leasing fees when you own your tank.
  • A lower price per gallon. When you own your propane tank, the more you use… the more you save. And with E.F. Laudenslager, Inc., there are no introductory rates or pricing gimmicks – you simply pay less per gallon of propane.
  • No extra fees or delivery surcharges. These additional fees have a way of adding up and quickly driving your energy bill over budget. Check your current bill and then call us to see how much we can save you.
  • No tank recertification. At E.F. Laudenslager, Inc., we only sell propane tanks that carry a ASME lifetime certification. So, you never have to worry about having your tank recertified. And, gauges are standard on all of our tanks.

Call us today at 610-395-1582 for a free estimate on a new propane tank.

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