Ductless Mini Split Systems

Mitsubishi Mini Split AC and heating systems are a great alternative to systems that use a duct forced air distribution system to circulate heated or cooled air throughout your home. Not only is it extremely quiet, but these systems are a great solution to issues related to air duct energy inefficiency as well. Several of the Mitsubishi Heating & Cooling models are Energy Star Certified, saving you money on your utilities.

Another great benefit of these systems is the ability to heat and cool areas independently. Traditionally duct forced air distribution cools or heats all areas of a house which doesn’t allow for you to create a zone of comfort in your home. With the Mitsubishi Heating & Cooling ductless system, you can have multiple indoor units allowing you to cool individual rooms with separate room controls. This means that you can cool your living room while turning off your system in the kitchen when the room is not in use, creating a more energy efficient home and saving you money.

Learn About Single Zone and Multi-Zone Systems:

E. F. Laudenslager is a Diamond dealer of Mitsubishi Heating & Cooling so we have extensive training on these systems and offer a 12 year warranty for customers with financing available!

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