Experienced Lehigh Valley Electricians for Your Home or Business

When the cold winter winds blow or the hot summer sun beats down, you want to be sure the temperature inside your home or business feels comfortable. But even the best heating or cooling system cannot function properly without the correct electrical support. This can be a challenge in many older buildings – and even some that were built in the past few decades.

At E.F. Laudenslager, Inc., our licensed electricians can assess the wiring in your home or business to determine if it can support the home heating or cooling system you need. Modern, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems may require upgraded wiring, and we can do that for you as well. Our highly trained electricians have the knowledge and experience needed to handle any electrical work in your home or business, such as:

  • Attic fan installation
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Electrical panel repairs
  • Electrical wiring installation
  • Generator installation
  • Light fixture installation
  • Outlet installation
  • Upgrading wiring to support your heating, cooling, and energy needs

Faulty electrical wiring can cost more than money.

Old, insufficient, or faulty wiring can cost you more than money – it can be deadly. It is not unusual for fires to start due to outdated or overloaded wiring. The same goes for wiring or other electrical features that are improperly installed – including electrical outlets, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and attic fans. Getting the job done right is critical, and it is something we take a tremendous amount of pride in doing. Our customers have trusted us for generations, and we have built our reputation on living up to that trust. Whether you need a small electrical job completed or have a larger project in mind, we can help.

Contact E.F. Laudenslager, Inc. today for your electrical needs.

Having the proper electrical wiring and support is crucial for any heating or cooling system. At E.F. Laudenslager, Inc., our licensed electricians can ensure your wiring is safe and effective – and replace or repair it if it is not. We can also handle the installation and repair of heating and cooling systems, as well as electrical outlets, light fixtures, generators, and electrical panels. We have served generations of families and business owners throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley region for more than 100 years, and we look forward to welcoming new customers and serving our loyal customers for years to come. Call us today at 610-395-1582 or complete our contact form to schedule a consultation or service call.