Boilers & Furnaces

Does Your Furnace or boiler need a repair, a simple tune-up, or a complete replacement?

As with most appliances, especially those that are older, typical wear-and-tear can slow down your system and cause it to overwork, under perform, and/or break down. That’s why the manufacturers of these products recommend annual inspections and maintenance known as tune-ups by qualified technicians.

E. F. Laudenslager’s qualified technicians can ensure you get the most from your furnace or boiler! Call us today to schedule an inspection and tune-up!

If you need a whole new system, we can recommend and install the best system for your home. We install Rinnai and American Standard Furnaces.


Do You Have a Furnace or a Boiler?

Furnace - contains a heat exchanger, burner and fan assembly. Air inside the chamber is heated by a fuel source and the blower assembly moves the air across the exchanger and into your home’s ductwork.

Boiler - similar to a furnace in that it provides a self-contained source of heat. It also contains a heat exchanger however, rather than heating air, a boiler heats water. The hot water produced or associated steam is carried through the pipes for heat distribution throughout your home.